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Have you got a new business, product or market area? Do you want to kick-start your sales? Do you want new customers or need to boost your marketing? Perhaps you've got a great product and services, but sales are slow?

We perform small and medium sized miracles for our customers: brand identities, sales messages and web solutions.  Through our partner network we are able to offer solutions for different media tools, printing, photography and translations.


We deliver what we promise – and bill what was agreed

1. We dig into your marketing challenges and find the solution

2. We make a suggestion with a schedule and a budget 

3. We stick to the the schedule and the budget. You will not find any surprises in the bill

4. If extra work is needed, we agree on it first

5. You will have a designated professional as a contact person

6. We have loyal employees who have stayed with us for years – and the same goes for most clients too

7. We have served our clients all around Finland since 2004


Get to know our services, get in contact and let us know about the challenges in your marketing.
We will find and deliver the solution.



Helps you manage your company`s image

Suosio™ helps you create a strong and recognisable company image that is easy to manage anywhere – everything from the visual image of your office to web pages and printed communication. Suosio™ is the best branding tool in Finland. And the only one.

More about Suosio


Fix your sales pitch in a day

At the Myyntisauna™ workshop we'll make a customer-friendly sales pitch for your product, service or company with you. We'll also make a one-year plan for your marketing activities.

Myyntisauna provides you with:

  • Strong sales pitch that you can immediately put into use in all of your communications
  • Whichever communications tool you need the most, ready-to-use at once (e.g. a brochure, a web page or a PowerPoint)
  • And an action plan for sales: what, to whom, how and when messages (a two-day Myyntisauna)



Brochures, ads and other advertising planning

Seven-1 takes care of your market communications planning for any media. You’ll ensure better sales, because your product stands out. When your customer has a need, your product seems better than the competitor’s and is easy to find.


Your Google Adwords -campaigns are built and optimized by us – to show your product or service at the exact moment people are looking for them. We can help the customer find you.

Business gifts

Don’t know what to give? Let Seven-1 find a business gift that fits your budget and brand.


Window stickers and brand visibility for facades

If you are not noticed, you could lose a deal. Seven-1 will brand your facade so that it attracts buyers to you.

Workwear and vechicle stickers

If your logo is not seen on clothing and vehicles, you’ll have wasted a free and very powerful advertising space. Seven-1 helps your business stand out and get noticed everywhere.

Social media packages

Seize the opportunities of social media channels with help from Seven-1. We can set up and brand your accounts and also help with the planning and production of content. We also design and run effective advertising in Facebook and Instagram. If you need guidance or sparring, we can train you!

PowerPoint and Word templates

We’ll provide you and your whole staff with uniform presentations and documents that support your brand. No need to play with logos, colours, fonts and styles. Just add your content.


Reach even 5,000 people at once. Cost effective communication, and your messages will open perfectly in different email programs. Email open rates help you decide on your next move.

Responsive self-updating webpages

80 % of people search for information online before making a purchase decision. By using responsive web pages, you’ll guarantee that you are ahead of the game. The pages will automatically display as they should on mobile, PC and tablet screens.

Landing page

If you can’t reach interested buyers, you’ll lose the profit from search engine ads and campaigns. The landing page directs the visitors to do what you want them to do, e.g. leave their contact information.

Exhibition stands

Convince buyers in the most effective way possible: face to face and with multiple senses. Save your working time and let Seven-1 take care of the design and materials.

Annual reports and books

Give a real book. It won’t be deleted. Neurotic proofreading also available.

Company images and visual guidelines

Manage your brand effortlessly, without any surprising costs and timetable problems. Instead of a mere logo, get a complete company image that promotes your sales everywhere.


Inspired? Or, did you not find the right product? Contact us and we'll set the wheels in motion.

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