Destination Lapland

Destination Lapland

“Lapland madness” style of marketing reaches your customers

A family-owned business Destination Lapland has offered accommodation and event services in Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo since the 1930s. Destination Lapland rents out cabins and other types of accommodation, as well as, offers all kinds of safaris. Furthermore, cabin owners can buy rental, cleaning and maintenance services from the Destination Lapland Service Center. Ad agency Seven-1 and Destination Lapland began their co-operation when Destination was looking for a new market communications partner. Since then Seven-1 and Destination Lapland have talked through ideas and solutions, and realised yearly plans. The aim of Destination Lapland is to be a unique service provider and stand out with a great range of services, history and authenticity.

The aim is the same for market communications. Seven-1 takes the nature experiences that are important to the company and its clients and incorporates them into the communications and visual look. We at Seven-1 are from Lapland and know the Ylläs area, so it’s easy for us to give the best possible finish to the Destination Lapland brand from customer service to visual look. The main focus is on stories and photos from customer visits, their experiences, natural events and area traditions that span the centuries.

Seven-1 and Destination Lapland work together in many ways. We have designed and produced their facilities consistent with the brand, as well as, created ads, brochures and a video. One of the most effective publications is the book Lapinhullun mökkikirja (Cabin book for sufferers of Lapland madness). It has generated more sales and positive customer feedback. Our work together has lasted years. Even the distance of 200 km between us hasn’t slowed us: we have had regular meetings, video and teleconferences and emails.

“This looks so nice that we just might start selling it already”

Mauri Kuru, CEO of Destination Lapland as he saw the first draft of the free copy of the 2015 cabin book.


2015 cabin book.


2015 cabin book – seasons.


2015 cabin book – cabins.


Five years of Cabin books.


A cabin guest book entry from 1948.


Destination Lapland’s safari brochure from 2015.


A web version of an old Destination Lapland guest book. You can read the book here.



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