E75 Lapland

E75 Lapland

The best spots of Jäämerentie are marketed on to the Tourist map

Seven-1 received a mission: create a name and a uniform visual look for the summer tourism project of Jäämerentie. The target group would be tourists driving to Lapland, especially German, Dutch and Russian. The aim of the project was to generate a marketing image and tools for local tourism businesses, so that travellers could benefit from their services more. Seven-1 set out to lay the foundation for local marketing. When marketing tourism, the questions to ask are: where is it and what is it. You need a name and location on a map to get to there and to market it.

E75 Lapland – Best spots

Seven-1 came up with the name ‘E75 Lapland’. E75 is on the map and the word Lapland makes the location more specific. The visual look from a logo to brand photos also indicates that the tourist spots are along the road to north. The name and visual look laid the foundation to marketing communications, on top of which Seven-1 and the tourism project started to build a marketing concept.


Welcome to discover the best TOURIST DESTINATIONS along the E75 Lapland route in Finland


Seven-1’s first task was to figure out what E75 Lapland means to tourists. What should the traveller do? Use a map, website, brochure or a mobile app? Or, is there a promise of quality that can be seen along the road e.g. advertising at business locations? Seven-1 charted the options and, for the plan, chose a map, web pages in four languages and different sized stickers. A possibility was also left open to generate a mobile app based on the web pages that would allow travellers find information and choose the most interesting spots.


Enjoy the best spots under the midnight sun
 The E75 Lapland route runs in Finnish Lapland from Rovaniemi to Utsjoki. We have collected the best services and things to see and do along the route. Pick your favourites, pack your bags and start a journey you will not forget!


”We knew that Seven-1 is a very creative agency and our expectations were high. What they created was so surprising that we actually wanted Seven-1 to come and introduce it to the steering group. A presentation was arranged and it convinced everyone. The visual look and name were essential; the aim was to make them work versatilely. This solution has worked well. It is clear, easy to use and enables extensive content production.” Ulla Koikkalainen, Project coordinator Jäämerentie summer tourism project / E75 Lapland.


Typography and colours
A ‘Best spot’ partnership sticker
Web pages
Responsive web pages
A printed map
A printed map
A printed map and product applications


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