Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Lapland University of Applied Sciences


At the start of 2014 the functions of Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences and Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences merged. The new unit has six fields of education that are run and developed as four areas of expertise. The new school required a unique look that would tell about the organisation’s identity and what it had to offer. This look aimed to highlight the distinctiveness of the school, to set it apart from other schools and build trust within the target groups.


Seven-1 began with the school’s strategy. The target group was people from Lapland and the vision was to be a pioneer who is not afraid of the extreme conditions of the north. We at Seven-1 asked what constitutes being northern or from Lapland.  The answer was clear: ever present opposites in arctic nature and its people. A Lappish person is in flames with a cool head, passionate but cautious. He or she is an expert of arctic conditions, okay in hot or cold, in darkness and light, silence and noise. He or she makes the most of the circumstances, succeeds in them. Seven-1 summed up the Lappish school’s persona, heart and endurance into the slogan: Pohjoista tekoa (Made in arctic). It wanted the school to speak to its target groups as “I”:

I am fire. I am ice. I am storm. I am still. I am strong and sensitive. I am made in arctic.

The designers illustrated the opposites in the visual look, also. The colours are warm reds and cool turquoises.


As Seven-1 had created the look and the story, a launch plan was devised with the school. Internal marketing had a major role and the staff could familiarise with the brand before it was launched.

I was born on the 1 January 2014 of the Universities of Applied Sciences of Kemi-Tornio and Rovaniemi. Those school are no more, but the knowledge lives on in me. You only have me, but I am made in arctic.

After the internal marketing it was time for the application campaign. The campaign was part of the launch of the new brand, asking: ”Oletko sinä pohjoista tekoa” (Are you made in arctic).

The Lapland University of Applied Sciences is a hero of its circumstances. An example of how one succeeds despite the circumstances. This experience adds to our knowledge, skills and vitality to be shared with others. There is demand for arctic elsewhere also.

Besides the application campaign Seven-1 utilised the school’s look and story in all other communications tools, e.g. in the idea and manuscript of the video, a radio ad, in social media tools, pictures, give-aways, email, Word and PowerPoint templates and on the website.


The tools that Seven-1 designed defined a brand story for the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The target groups welcomed the story, the application numbers went up and the school can utilise the brand elements in the future.

”Even the Minister of Education and Communications, Krista Kiuru praised our brand choices. We were especially happy with the wording of the brand story and it has worked well in later usage and applications. It was nice to see that the staff quickly accepted the new look as their own. This became apparent in the staff questionnaire conducted in May.” Heli Lohi, Information Manager, Lapland University of Applied Sciences.


Starting point of the logo and brand.
First brand picture.


Logo and typography.


Forms etc.


Responsive web pages.


Application campaign.


Second brand picture.


A thick, red brand book for the staff.


Inside the thick, red brand book.


Other references

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