Lapin Kaskukirja

Lapin Kaskukirja

Mauno Kylli ja Markku Torkko: Lapin Kaskukirjat 

Treasured jokes from Lapland bound and sold

Mauno Kylli and Markku Torkko from Rovaniemi put together the first ever comprehensive collection of jokes from Lapland, Lapin Kaskukirja in 2012. The book was immediately sold out and the second edition went like hot cakes, too. Kylli and Torkko were awarded for their work and received e.g. The City of Rovaniemi cultural award in 2013.

By popular demand they took on the job of jokes again and Lapin Kaskukirja II was revealed in November 2015.

The design and layout of both books were completed by Seven-1. We designed and created the book its own web shop:

We continued to work closely with the authors throughout the whole book project, also assisting in the publishing event. Together we considered and discussed the contents of the book, as well as, chose and processed the photos. The drawings are done by our illustrator.

We actually had to start thinking about the second edition of Kaskukirja II on the day of its publication. As for stories in Lapland, well, there are plenty of those…


Two copies of Kaskukirja cosily together.


Pages of Lapin Kaskukirja II.


Pages of Lapin Kaskukirja II.


Pages of Lapin Kaskukirja II.


Kekkonen visiting Lemmenjoki. Illustrations from Lapin Kaskukirja II.


A joke from Lapin Kaskukirja II.


The publishing event of Lapin Kaskukirja II.


The covers of Kaskukirja.


Winter at Pallas Hotel. Pages from Lapin Kaskukirja.


Pages from Lapin Kaskukirja.


Pages from Lapin Kaskukirja.


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