Lapland Safaris

Lapland Safaris


Whether you’re a travel organiser, movie producer or backpacker, Lapland Safaris can offer you experiences in Lappish nature. There are nature tours for groups and individual travellers on a ski-doo, boat or a dog sled. Lapland Safaris is the biggest and most experienced event organiser in the Nordic countries. It was established in 1982 and it caters to more than 140,000 customers in nine locations in northern Finland.

Seven-1 and Lapland Safaris began their co-operation in 2004 when Seven-1 designed a brochure to one of Safaris’ tourist destinations. Since then their partnership has expanded to company image development, sales and marketing communications tools and shaping the services.

Lapland Safaris company image is defined by a slogan ‘Feel the spirit of nature’ and a mission statement ‘Learn, take part, laugh’. The look portrays joy of spending time and doing things together in northern nature in different seasons. It is evident in all of Seven-1 designed marketing communications tools, e.g.:

  • print and outdoor advertising
  • facility plans
  • roll-ups
  • window and car stickers
  • use of photos and
  • internet services.

An example of shaping the services of Lapland Safaris is increasing the range of services for summer travellers. One of the summer product families is Luondu that Seven-1 gave a name and a look. Luondu combines independence, nature activities and digital services. It provides equipment for boat, bicycle and hiking tours. There’s also an app that gives tips on the best spots and stops on the routes.

As more and more things are done using mobile devices, also marketing is digitalising. Seven-1 has been developing the Lapland Safaris’ sales and marketing materials suitable to be used online. We have devised plans for Safaris concerning sales channels and web sites, e.g. a user interface and visual look for tablets, Safaripads. With them backpackers can easily book tours anytime and to anywhere they feel like going. Travellers can take care of their reservations with their own mobile devices or at the hotels’ booking machines, and get to experience nature as they wish.




Colours and typography
Stamps and symbols
Forms and a business card
Ads and flyers
A brochure of the weekly program
Exhibition materials
Vehicle stickers
PowerPoint template
A brand picture
Luondu product image

Other references

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