Vastuuremontti Oy

Vastuuremontti Oy

Evolution into a specialist recognised

Vastuuremontti Oy has specialised in refurbishments since 1975.

Over the years, Vastuuremontti has grown and new products have been introduced to the service selection. The company has evolved into an all-around specialist in refurbishments catering to professional clients.

With new services, also the Vastuuremontti brand needed renewing. Seven-1’s Suosio brand tool was used to implement the new look. Suosio provided Vastuuremontti with a ready-to-use set of comprehensive tools for their daily marketing activities.

The logo was renewed while keeping some of the old look. Seven-1 also added the aspect of being a specialist in refurbishment. Furthermore, a new website was created for Vastuuremontti including a stronger presence in social media.

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